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New app technology provides car protection and peace of mind

JOHANNESBURG, December 2021 – A progressive web application (PWA) platform from Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, is helping to keep families safe with live car tracking – not only protecting against car theft, but also reducing the drama of false alarms.

Named MyNetstar, the PWA is quicker to install, more environmentally efficient to run and uses less phone memory than traditional apps. It can be installed and accessed directly from a web browser. PWAs update automatically, saving time and data, and can be accessed via any browser.

MyNetstar allows for easy, 24/7 vehicle tracking by Netstar customers and quick access to manage or upgrade their accounts. Customers can also use MyNetstar to get fitment and unit-health test certificates, as well as to set up safety zones and driving-behaviour alerts.

PWAs also have an advantage over native webpages in that they use less energy and have a smaller environmental impact.

“Since PWAs can cache and interact with the device locally, they are much more efficient than a native webpage, which is routed through a server,” says Netstar Chief Technology Officer Clifford de Wit. “This cuts network load and ultimately reduces the carbon footprint of the app. The development resources to get a PWA off the ground are considerably less than a native app, which also reduces the carbon footprint.”

The intuitive new platform also reduces the risk of false alarms, where cars are reported missing, but the customer has simply forgotten where they parked their car.

With MyNetstar, parents can also check their teenager’s whereabouts when they “borrow” the car – using map-based tracking via any smart device. The new MyNetstar PWA can monitor the car’s movement every metre of the way.

“Protecting and connecting our customers is our brand promise,” says De Wit. “The MyNetstar PWA allows us to keep families safe using connected technology – protecting them from crime and helping to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.”

“People have a lot on their minds today,” says De Wit. “Worrying about the whereabouts of their vehicle shouldn’t be one of them.”

Downloading the MyNetstar PWA does not require a visit to an app store. Netstar customers need only visit on their phone browsers, and then add it to their home screen for instant access and peace of mind.

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