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PWA: A newer, better way to ‘app’

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a fast and reliable web application that looks and functions just like the old-fashioned mobile apps you’re used to. Although things work a little differently behind the scenes, from the user’s perspective, it’s just another app.

Why is this better?

• No app store needed
PWAs can be installed directly from your browser using the “Add to home screen” function.

• Always up to date
You never have to download updates manually, saving you time and data.

• Access from anywhere
Don’t have your phone? You can get the same app-like experience via the web link in any browser.

• Not just a bookmark
The app is installed on your phone – making it easily accessible from your home screen.

• Quicker to run
PWAs work more efficiently and uses less phone memory – ensuring the best customer experience.

Get the PWA experience with MyNetstar
Our new online platform that’s connecting & protecting personal vehicle tracking customers.

Installing the app

• Simply type in in your phone’s browser.

IPHONE: If using Safari on your iPhone, tap the ‘Share’ button at the bottom and select ‘Add to home screen’.

ANDROID: On an Android device using Chrome, simply tap the 3 dots to view more options, and then select ‘Add to home screen’ from there.

• This will instantly install the app on your phone – giving you quick access to MyNetstar – right from your home screen.

Start the experience today at

Read more about MyNetstar and our personal vehicle tracking products, here.

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