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AI Camera solution

Proactive fleet cameras powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Fleet Camera

Our comprehensive range of Fleet Camera Solutions gives you the insights to mitigate risk and operate a safe, secure and productive fleet. Add Netstar’s Fleet Cameras to any existing or new fleet management solution or as a standalone service. 

Your priorities

Ensure driver safety and reduce fleet costs

Two of the biggest challenges fleet managers face are driver safety and managing fleet costs.

Human error accounts for 90% of road accidents, some of which result in fatalities. The loss of life and collateral damage can be prevented or reduced when driver behaviour improves.

Poor driving behaviour like speeding, driver fatigue, and driver distractions like smoking or using a cellphone, puts the driver and other road users at risk. Fleet management costs such as fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums are also severely impacted by driving habits.

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Our AI camera solution

Proactively monitor your fleet and drivers' performance

With the Netstar AI camera solution, you can proactively coach, monitor and manage your drivers to improve their driving behaviour.

The cameras work with AI algorithms to recognise potential collisions and risky driver behaviour – keeping both your drivers and fleet safe.

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) uses a road-facing camera to provide real-time suggestions of safer road usage. 

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Key features 

AI Alarms icon
AI alarms and email
Drivers are alerted by a beeping sound, an audible in-cab voice message and an icon on the visual indicator.
Recording icon
Real-time video
Monitor using either the road-facing or driver-facing camera, or one of the optional cab-, side- and rear-facing cameras.
Alarm dashboard icon
Alarm dashboards
Fleet managers have a birds eye view of all alarms.
Driving analytics icon
Driving analytics
Monitor speeding, harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and other driving traits, supported by video footage to track improvements.
GPS tracking icon
The AI camera solution includes a GPS module that provides basic tracking capabilities.

How the AI camera
solution works

The AI cameras provide visual cues to the central unit to capture events and upload them to a secure evidence centre.

Fleet managers gain access to real-time or historical data using the desktop application, web portal or mobile application.

The system can also be configured to send an email notification containing a video link. These recordings can be used for training, education or as visual evidence in the case of incidents and insurance claims.

AI camera solution work image

Various configurations of cameras and peripherals
to meet your specific needs.

AI Camera infographic


“There are over 1 300 000 road deaths each
year throughout the world. Installing a video event
recorder can cut a driver’s collision rate by 50%.”

Ageas Business Report

What Netstar's solution
can do for your Business

Fleet manager icon
Fleet manager
  • Increased efficiences
  • Saving on insurance premiums and fuel
  • Reduced vehicle/stock downtime and loss
  • Reduced accident-related repairs and maintenance costs
Driver icon
  • Reduced risk of life loss
  • Better driver behaviour
  • Safer drivers, passengers and other road users

Companies we've empowered
with our AI camera solutions

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What our clients say

Netstar is more than just our tracking and technology partner. What their hardware and software technology allows us to do, it's incredible and it means we can focus more on moving people safely on a daily basis
Jack Sekwaila
Executive Group Operations Manager, PUTCO
The Partnership between Netstar and Toyota South Africa is a testament to our shared commitment to conserving wildlife and protecting the environment. Toyota South Africa is proud to partner with Netstar’s technology and the project is yielding stellar results as we strive to eradicate rhino poaching.
John Thomson
Vice President Services, Toyota South Africa
Client-Image-06 (1)
We really needed to partner with a technology company. We know that technology changes very quickly and we need to stay abreast. We felt that Netstar was in a growing phase, and they had some new innovation that was to follow. We are getting the benefits of it now.
Julian Visagie
CEO, Hertz South Africa

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About AI camera alarms

A driver is alerted of the AI alarms via the main unit and in-cab visual indicator to avoid incidents before they occur. These AI alarm beeps give in-cab voice message and an icon on the visual indicator. We will configure the alarms to suit your needs.

G-Sensor acceleration alarms

Acceleration alarms are sent directly to the cloud, indicating harsh acceleration, braking, cornering or speeding. Each of these events are reported as separate triggers.

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) alarms

Collision warning

This is triggered when there's an anticipated collision.

Unsafe following distance

The alarm notifies the driver when they're too close to the vehicle in front of them.

Speed warning

The driver is alerted when they exceed the stipulated speed limit (not linked to the road speed limit).

Driver status monitoring (DSM) alarms

Fatigue warning
Any time a driver yawns or closes their eyes, they will get a “Please rest now” notification.

No phone allowed
This AI-powered function detects when a driver puts a cellphone near their ears or mouth.

No smoking allowed
Detects smoking-related arm motion or gestures with a cigarette in hand.

Driver distraction
An alarm triggers when the driver looks downward or to the sides for a prolonged period.

Seatbelt-use monitoring
Detects whether a seatbelt is positioned across the front of a driver’s body or not.

Camera covered
An alarm triggers when the driver-facing camera is covered.

No driver
An alarm triggers when the driver’s face is undetectable.