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Health monitor

health in real time

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Your priorities

Ensure miners’ safety
and prevent incidents

We know that maintaining health and safety in mining operations is critical. It’s not just about compliance; lives are also at stake.

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Our Health Monitor solution

Put health and safety first 

The Netstar Health Monitor is an easy-to-use system that notifies decision-makers immediately notifies managers about possible issues.
This real-time system monitors specific vitals and flags abnormalities in individuals’ health and enables you to proactively activate safety interventions. 
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How the Health Monitor works


Proactive fatigue management

The system builds a health and vitals profile for each person to detect when they become tired. By tracking user-health in real time, the system helps prevent injury to users and damage to the equipment they work with.



The Netstar Health Monitor alerts individuals of low-risk health matters and escalates medium to high-risk matters to managers via the Netstar Bureau.


Health information dashboard

Your dashboard gives you a real-time view of the status of your workers. This data gives you the power to quickly make informed decisions.

Product certifications

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Produced according to ISO Standards in approved facilities (ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9001)
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CE Approval

How the Health Monitor benefits your business

Detect and monitor

Gives health-related information in real time through notifications of deteriorating vitals (such as pulse and, heart rate).

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Prevent adverse events

Reduce claim administration time.

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Increase safety and revenue

Fewer incidents meaning, reduced investigation costs.

Some of our healthier customers

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What our clients say

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Netstar is more than just our tracking and technology partner. What their hardware and software technology allows us to do, it's incredible and it means we can focus more on moving people safely on a daily basis.
Jack Sekwaila
Executive Group Operations Manager, PUTCO
The Partnership between Netstar and Toyota South Africa is a testament to our shared commitment to conserving wildlife and protecting the environment. Toyota South Africa is proud to partner with Netstar’s technology and the project is yielding stellar results as we strive to eradicate rhino poaching.
John Thomson
Vice President Services, Toyota South Africa
We really needed to partner with a technology company. We know that technology changes very quickly and we need to stay abreast. We felt that Netstar was in a growing phase, and they had some new innovation that was to follow. We are getting the benefits of it now.
Julian Visagie
CEO, Hertz South Africa

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