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Netstar Speed Assist

Help your drivers comply with speed regulations

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Your priorities

Ensure better driver behaviour & safer roads

Most drivers exceed the lower speed limits usually found on suburban/urban roads – with narrower lanes, pedestrians, and other road users further increasing risk. As such, ensuring driver, passenger and pedestrian safety through a speed-limiting solution is critical to your fleet operation.

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology provides predictable, real-time, location-aware speed control that saves your business time and money. ISA is arguably the most effective in-vehicle system for preventing excessive speeding, while enhancing driver and passenger safety.

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Our Speed Assist solution

Ensure safety & stay within the speed limit

Netstar Speed Assist intelligently helps drivers to comply with speed regulations in varying road conditions. Designed to keep drivers operating within the law, Netstar Speed Assist’s software automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed within 300m of a road sign – ensuring that drivers are safe and driving the correct speed.

The driver always stays in control of the vehicle, meaning it will stop when the brakes are pressed or slow down when lifting off the accelerator. With Netstar Speed Assist, you can now actively improve driving behaviour, which benefits your business.

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How the Netstar Speed Assist Solution works

Step 1


Connect the Netstar Speed Assist to the vehicle’s CAN Bus. This plugs into the vehicle’s existing harness and pedal sensor.

Step 2
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The mapping unit is integrated with the Intelligent Vehicle Management (IVM). This enables the unit to pick up the posted speed limits per road.

Step 3
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The mapping unit geolocates the vehicle via GPS to extract the speed limit in real time.

Step 4
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The integrated management console allows the fleet manager complete control over the use of Netstar Speed Assist per vehicle.

Step 5
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Transform your business when you improve driver safety, boost efficiencies and increase brand reputation.

Step 6
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Netstar Speed Assist adjusts the throttle in a gentle and controlled way to limit the vehicle’s speed (like cruise control).

Key features

Driver Behaviour icon
Driver behaviour
Netstar Speed Assist intelligently helps drivers comply with speed regulations in varying road conditions. The solution uses semi-autonomous technology that reinforces positive driver behaviour.
Smooth transitions icon
Smooth transitions
Using a specifically developed algorithm, Netstar Speed Assist smoothly transitions between the speeds on adjacent segments of roads and calculates joining and exit speeds.
Speed safety icon
Speed safety
Netstar Speed Assist will deliver on specific ISA regulations made mandatory by the Government.
Offline Operability icon
Offline operability
The Netstar Speed Assist doesn’t need the internet to function, meaning it is safe from cyber-attacks and contains all the intelligence and road data onboard.
Driver Behaviour icon
Real-time analysis
Netstar Speed Assist operates 100% onboard the vehicle and constantly analyses road data. This ensures your drivers are not in contravention of the road laws for that particular stretch of road.
Smooth transitions icon
Overlapping roads
Netstar Speed Assist has dealt with the troublesome issue of overlapping roads and byways that historically threw off other devices.

How Netstar Speed Assist benefits you

Using Netstar Speed Assist to enforce driving at the speed limit will not only ensure the safety of your drivers and other road users, but will also help you save on your vehicles’ fuel consumption and more.

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Save money

Avoid speeding fines, improve maintenance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce incidents.

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Reduce risk

Better drivers who comply with the law reduce accidents and claims.

Improve safety

Improve safety

Increase driver and road safety by reducing accidents and saving lives.

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What our clients say

Netstar is more than just our tracking and technology partner. What their hardware and software technology allows us to do, it's incredible and it means we can focus more on moving people safely on a daily basis.
Jack Sekwaila
Executive Group Operations Manager, PUTCO
The Partnership between Netstar and Toyota South Africa is a testament to our shared commitment to conserving wildlife and protecting the environment. Toyota South Africa is proud to partner with Netstar’s technology and the project is yielding stellar results as we strive to eradicate rhino poaching.
John Thomson
Vice President Services, Toyota South Africa
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We really needed to partner with a technology company. We know that technology changes very quickly and we need to stay abreast. We felt that Netstar was in a growing phase, and they had some new innovation that was to follow. We are getting the benefits of it now.
Julian Visagie
CEO, Hertz South Africa

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