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Asset tracking and recovery

Keep your trailers, packages and other valuable assets safe

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Netstar Asset Tracking


+R89 per month
(excluding recovery service)
+R169 per month
(including recovery service)
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Cost effective asset tracking and recovery

Our Asset Tracking and Recovery solution is a small mobile tracking device that can be placed in various assets, including packages and trailers.

In fact, it can even be used as a workforce tracking solution, if so required, adding yet another layer of peace of mind to your business fleet operations.

Think of it as your security assistant.

Vehicle tracking and recovery

Included in your asset tracking and recovery service

Our innovative asset tracking & recovery solution that can be used to secure nearly any mobile asset, precious cargo or even employees.

Key benefits

Portable size icon

Portable size

Fits anywhere

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Increased security

More peace of mind

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Reduced risk

Less to worry about

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Cost effective

Easy on the pocket

Why Netstar?


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Emergency call centre

90% +

Recovery rate


Speedy installation at your home, office or one of 100+ fitment centres.


Signal-jamming detection

What our clients say

My journey with Netstar has been marked by a sense of security, peace of mind, and a deep appreciation for the dedication to customer safety. Thank you for being a reliable partner on the road and for consistently exceeding my expectations. I look forward to many more years of this invaluable partnership.
Shewn Shumba
She was so friendly and helpful and assisted me immediately. I am so happy to be with Netstar, they are really the best! They notify you immediately if anything happens. Thank you for the great service.
Nicolien N
Netstar are extremely proficient and excellent at what they do! Their customer service is outstanding. Special shoutout to Sengwene for following through with my query and sorting it out within the day.
Courtney T

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