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Netstar Roadguard

Take the hassle & uncertainty out of
vehicle ownership

Keeping your vehicle protected often means that you will require more than just an insurance policy or vehicle
tracking solution.

Protect yourself and your vehicle - wherever you go

We’re the South African pioneer in offering stolen vehicle tracking and recovery solutions, so we know quite a bit about protecting vehicles.

Our Netstar Roadguard provides yet another layer of protection for you and your vehicle, bundled with many everyday conveniences. Whether you need your licence renewed on your behalf or require assistance with traffic fines, Netstar Roadguard can help with all of that and more.

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Netstar Roadguard Lite
R70per month
This bundle of services provides basic protection and assistance with everything from pothole damage to traffic fines and licence renewals.
You get:

Covering for up to four vehicles registered to you.

Pothole protect
Fines protect
Licence protect
Tiger Wheel & Tyre discount
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Netstar Roadguard
R95per month
This bundle of services provides advanced protection and assistance with accident claims, bail and more including pothole damage, traffic fines and licence renewals.
You get:

Covering for up to four vehicles registered to you.

All Netstar Roadguard Lite features
Accident Protect
Bail Protect

Key benefits

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Added layer of vehicle protection
More savings and convenience
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Extra peace of mind

How Netstar Roadguard protects your vehicle

Pothole Protect

Potholes have become a nasty reality for us all, and most people don’t even know where to start when they have damaged their tyres, rims or mags. Additionally, sometimes their insurance won’t pay out either.

Pothole Protect is here to assist you in recovering up to 100% of the money spent on your fixing your damaged tyres, rims or mags..

You get

  • A claims management service helping you claim back up to 100% of the money paid out as a result of pothole damages to your tyres, rims or mags.
  • Complete and free case management of the claims process to get the maximum possible compensation for tyres, rims or mags damaged as a result of potholes (or roadworks).
  • Free assistance with quotes for replacement tyres and access to preferential rates through Pothole Protect tyre retail partners.
  • Proactive action to make sure potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents. Great discounts on tyres, rims, mags and all other services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores nationwide.

Licence Protect

Licence Protect is a unique service designed to take the hassle out of licence renewals. Licence Protect will remind you when your licences are due for renewal. We then provide a quick, easy and painless way to get these licences renewed, with the added benefit of having your them delivered to you.

You get

  • Easy payment facility.
  • Proof of licence renewals.
  • Delivery of renewed licences to you.
  • Limited need to fill in long and complicated forms.
  • Assistance in the event that your licences are lost or stolen.
  • Quick and efficient licence monitoring and notification system.

Bail Protect

Stricter laws now mean you can be arrested on the spot for outstanding traffic fines or traffic offences. Bail Protect will post bail for you and help so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time behind bars.

You get

  • 24/7 call centre support should you be
    arrested and require bail.
  • Bail of up to R3000.
  • Legal advice and representation.
  • Assistance by contacting the police officer on duty to verify the arrest and bail details.
  • Contact with your family to advise them of your arrest.
  • Assistance where we go to the
    relevant police station to post bail on your behalf.
  • After-bail follow up and assistance.

Accident Protect

Even with the ability to claim from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) if you’re involved in an accident many people face difficulties with the claims process.  Accident Protect provides you with immediate access to an effective RAF claims management system which will ensure that you get100% of the claim paid to you.  

You get

  • Representation when dealing with the RAF.
  • Faster payout of RAF claims compared to when you submit the claim yourself.
  • Full legal and medical assistance to assess the merits of the case.
  • An assessment of the medical expenses incurred as a direct result of an injury.
  • Full administrative support and documentation preparation for the claim submission.
  • An effective RAF claims management service with 100% of any payout being passed straight back to you.
  • Further legal and medical assistance to ensure you have all the necessary consultations and reports needed to support your claim.

Fines Protect

Most road users have been fined for a misdemeanour at some stage or another, but sometimes neglect to pay them which leads to increased penalties or even legal action. Fines Protect will notify you of all fines and then provide a quick, easy and painless way to pay them. 

You get

  • Proof of fines settlement.
  • Guaranteed fines reduction.
  • An easy, quick, safe and secure fines payment facility.
  • Full legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and legality of fines.
  • A quick and efficient traffic fines monitoring and notification system with 100% of fines discounts/recoveries paid to you.

Why Netstar?

1.7m +

clients served


emergency call centre

90% +

recovery rate

100 +

Fitment centres, or we come to you.

R1.5b +

Worth of assets recovered

What our clients say

My journey with Netstar has been marked by a sense of security, peace of mind, and a deep appreciation for the dedication to customer safety. Thank you for being a reliable partner on the road and for consistently exceeding my expectations. I look forward to many more years of this invaluable partnership.
Shewn Shumba
CEO, Company
She was so friendly and helpful and assisted me immediately. I am so happy to be with Netstar, they are really the best! They notify you immediately if anything happens. Thank you for the great service.
Nicolien N
Netstar are extremely proficient and excellent at what they do! Their customer service is outstanding. Special shoutout to Sengwene for following through with my query and sorting it out within the day.
Courtney T

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