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Netstar Companion

Need armed response?
Just tap your app or shake your phone!

Introducing Netstar Companion, our on-demand emergency response service that dispatches the nearest armed response officer or emergency medical services to your location using your smartphone.

R69Per month
per month
for each additional member
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Family membership
R198Per month
(for a family of four)
with our family membership

How Netstar companion works

Watch the video to learn how you can just tap your app or shake your phone for Armed & Medical Response wherever you are.

User activates mobile panic button
Phone image 01-1 Shape 01
Closest responder accepts panic and control room contacts the user
Phone image 02 Shape 01
Responder navigates towards user's location
Phone image 03 Shape 01
User tracks the responder as they head to their location
Phone image 04 Shape 01
Left arrow
Left arrow
Feel safe and supported
With Netstar Companion, you have access to over 1500 armed responders nationwide.
Emergency icon
We’ve got you in any emergency!
Just tap your app or shake your phone whenever  you need armed response or medical assistance.
Quick response icon
Quick and efficient response
The app automatically dispatches the closest responder to your phone’s GPS location.
Emergency messages icon
Emergency notifications
The app  will send SMSs  with a link to your real-time location to your five specified emergency contacts.
Emergency recording
Emergency Recording
A 20-second audio/video recording is triggered when your  panic buttony. The app automatically sends the file to the Netstar Companion server for safekeeping. This can be used as evidence in future legal action.
Rapid response icon
Rapid response
The Netstar Companion control room will call you as soon as you activate your panic button.

What our clients say

My journey with Netstar has been marked by a sense of security, peace of mind, and a deep appreciation for the dedication to customer safety. Thank you for being a reliable partner on the road and for consistently exceeding my expectations. I look forward to many more years of this invaluable partnership.
Shewn Shumba
She was so friendly and helpful and assisted me immediately. I am so happy to be with Netstar, they are really the best! They notify you immediately if anything happens. Thank you for the great service.
Nicolien N
Netstar are extremely proficient and excellent at what they do! Their customer service is outstanding. Special shoutout to Sengwene for following through with my query and sorting it out within the day.
Courtney T