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Netstar achieves 7 wins at Technology Top 100 innovation awards

JOHANNESBURG, January 2022 – Vehicle recovery and fleet intelligence company Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, was recently recognised as a winner of the Technology Top 100 (tt100) Business Innovation Awards, winning every single award in the large enterprise category.

The tt100 organisation is a non-profit company that runs a business innovation awards programme for organisations and individuals operating in developing socio-economic contexts. The awards recognise organisations and individual leaders who have successfully managed their technology, innovation, and people in a systemic way.

The tt100 awards are presented in partnership with the Da Vinci Institute, the Department of Science and Innovation (DST), pwc and the Technology Innovation Agency. The programme identifies distinguishing technology, innovation and people-management characteristics that build sustainable organisations who remain agile, aligned, and engaged during difficult times.

At the 30th tt100 awards, Netstar won across the following competitive categories with 28 large organisations competing in the categories:

“The past two years have been challenging socially, economically, physically, emotionally, and mentally,” says Netstar MD Pierre Bruwer. “This achievement reaffirms that we are truly a values-based organisation, that delivers on Altron’s purpose of delivering innovation that matters. We carry this recognition into 2022.”

“We could not have pulled this off without strong collaboration across our teams, linking our customers, employees, partners, and communities in the way we operate; being honest and open, embracing our diversity and getting things done, while enjoying our work.”

Bruwer acknowledged the contribution of all Netstar staff to the winning performance. He says this recognition will be an added motivation for all at Netstar to continue protecting and connecting their customers, their families, colleagues, and their valued assets.

“tt100 is truly proud of the success Netstar has achieved in the 2021 annual awards and the professionalism that the team holds despite a great change in the market, both in the technology and human sphere. It’s truly great to see an organisation that is still able to be agile and cooperative in holding such a level of competitive edge”, concludes, Victor Litshani, tt100 Project Manager.

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