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Important Scam Alert

Netstar has become aware of a criminal scam by a car-theft syndicate. 


Some customers have received calls from people posing as employees of vehicle-tracking companies. These individuals claim that customers’ tracking devices need repairing, and then attempt to steal their vehicles after booking an appointment.

This scam is being perpetrated against clients of several vehicle-tracking companies. We assure you that Netstar has not compromised your personal information in any manner and we are investigating this matter.


If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Netstar about device repairs or installation, ask the person to first confirm your Netstar account number. If they are unable to do so, simply hang up the phone. Alternatively, contact Netstar directly to remove any doubt.


Netstar technicians will never ask to test-drive a car. To confirm if an appointment is valid, you can contact us on 0860 12 24 36 and select the Customer Service option.

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