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Telematics &
the future of the
mobility industry

The 2020/21 Netstar Connect Report is a first-of-its-kind industry benchmark looking at the role of telematics in shaping the future of the mobility industry.

As connectivity and IoT data become indispensable, mobility has also never been more important and offers vast potential for our society. Around 30 billion IoT devices will be connected by the end of 2020. The 2020/21 Netstar Connect Report takes a look at the state of our connected mobility.


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Lockdown insights

See what our telematics data reveals about interprovincial travel as the lockdown was declared, and in the months following it.

The connected car

Discover how connectivity is changing consumers' relationships with their cars – made possible by Netstar's global partnership with major automaker Toyota.


Learn about the next phase of connected mobility and where exactly the innovations driving this development is taking place.

Partner survey

Explore the results from our survey of mobility professionals, executives, clients, and customers on the role of mobility in the economy and more.

The future

Uncover where the next opportunities for connected mobility operators lie, and what it will take for organisations to be the mobility leaders of the future.