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Vehicle tracking & recovery

4 options, 1 trusted name

We are a trusted brand and pioneered the vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery industry in South Africa in 1994.

We provide industry-leading stolen vehicle recovery services, advanced vehicle and fleet tracking, great fleet management solutions for all-sized business and commercial fleets, commanding insurance telematics solutions and best-in-class bureau services – in fact, no IoT solution is out of our reach.

Netstar Nano

Our most affordable option for hi-jacking and stolen vehicle recovery.

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services
  • Fitment Certificate
    for Insurance
  • Wireless Unit with 3-Year
    Battery Life
  • MyNetstar Account
  • MyNetstar Licence
    Renewal Alerts

Netstar Basic

Our essential vehicle tracking and recovery option with added safety.

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Fitment Certificate for
  • Signal Jamming Detection
    Alert (JammingResist™)
  • Impact Detection
    for Safety
  • Battery
    Disconnect Alert
  • MyNetstar Test

Netstar Plus

Our feature rich vehicle tracking and recovery option with added safety and convenience functionality

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

  • Logbook for
  • Personal Driver
    Behaviour Rating
  • Car Park Jamming
  • MyNetstar Live
  • MyNetstar Trip Replays
    & Geo Zones
  • MyNetstar
    Group Vehicles
  • MyNetstar Share

Netstar Early Warning

Our most comprehensive vehicle tracking and recovery option with all-round protection for you and your family.

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

  • Auto-arm Proximity
    Tag for Security
  • Panic
  • Early Warning Theft
  • Tow-away
  • MyNetstar Auto-arm
Vehicle tracking & recovery

Netstar Business Packages & Features

Netstar Fleet Tracker

For smaller fleets with basic needs, our Fleet Tracker provides real-time dots-on-a-map visibility of your fleet, driver safety and security for your vehicles.

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

Key benefits:

  • Vehicle visibility
  • Safer drivers & vehicles
  • Better customer delivery
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Netstar Fleet Manager

For fleets with more advanced needs, our Fleet Manager will help you to improve the efficiency and return on investment of your fleet by knowing exactly what and how your vehicles and drivers are doing.

36-Month rental:


No upfront payment

Key benefits:

  • Driver & fleet safety and security
  • Better control and fleet utilisation
  • Increased efficiencies
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Netstar ProFleet Manager

For enterprise fleets with complex needs, our ProFleet Manager ensures comprehensive fleet management, risk mitigation and compliance management of all your vehicles, including your trailers and cargo.

36-Month rental:

Price on request

No upfront payment

Key benefits:

  • Driver, fleet and cargo safety and security
  • Bespoke solutions to fit all enterprise fleet needs
  • Improved return on investment
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Stolen vehicle recovery services Auto-arm priority tag Driver panic button Signal-jamming detection (JammingResist™) Driver-behaviour monitoring and rating Impact detection and alerts Zone management and alerts MyNetstar live tracking and account management Car jamming alert Vehicle logbook 36-month repair warranty Driver identification Fuel management and administration Service interval management Dashboard fleet views Journey management Comprehensive reports Monitored Fleet Health Bureau service Web and mobile-tracking interface Advanced driver identification Controller Area Network bus data Route management Organisational structures and permissions Supports Big Data-as-a-Service Application Programming Interface (DaaS API)
Netstar Fleet Tracker
Netstar Fleet Manager
Netstar ProFleet Manager

Why Netstar


Backup Special Vehicle Rating (SVR) units

Get extra peace of mind by adding backup tracking devices to your fleet vehicles.


Add-on devices

Our fleet solutions support a range of add-on devices to fulfil your specific fleet needs. Choose from door, temperature, pressure and input sensors, power take off (PTO) switches, immobilisation relays, as well as advanced road speed limiters.


Turnkey partner integrations

Netstar’s advanced fleet solutions offer seamless integration with various partner solutions, including options for jobs and messaging systems, and advanced routing systems.


Specialised fleet solutions

Netstar offers various industry-specific fleet solutions that take into consideration the needs of each sector. Current solutions include Collision Avoidance Proximity System (CAPS), and Fleet Intelligence Services (FIS).


Fleet Intelligence
Service (FIS)

Netstar provides a range of Fleet Intelligence Services which include business intelligence and custom reports, service-level agreement management and reports as well as high-risk vehicle monitoring.


Netstar Companion

Our on-demand emergency response service dispatches the nearest armed response officer or emergency medical services to your location. Just tap the app on your smartphone.

1.7m +

Clients served


Emergency call centre

90% +

Vehicle recovery rate


Fitment centres, or we come to you

R1.5b +

Worth of assets recovered

Empower your fleet managers with these extra solutions

Use our wide range of fleet management solutions to take your operation to the next level.   From intelligent fleet cameras and asset tracking options to big-data solutions and more – we’ve got you.

Asset tracking and recovery
Asset tracking and recovery
AI camera solution
Health Monitor
Big Data-as-a-Service
Speed Assist
Trailer Manager
Mining fleet solution
Fleet intelligence service

Asset tracking and recovery

Our asset tracking and recovery solution is a small mobile tracking device that can be placed in various assets, including packages and trailers. It can even be used as a workforce tracking solution– adding yet another layer of peace of mind to your fleet operations.

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