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Letter from Pierre Bruwer

Dear colleagues,

The very best of good wishes to everyone in the Netstar family. I hope you are still staying strong, resilient, and positive as we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic head-on.

As announced by our President Cyril Ramaphosa, the country is moving from level 5 of lockdown to level 4 as of the 1st of May.  As Netstar, this means that everyone will be working once again; however, we will follow and continue to comply with the government’s regulations.

One of the key regulations, amongst other factors, states that not more than a 1/3rd (33%) of our employees can physically go back to working from the office.  This means that 2/3rd will be working from home.  It is therefore important that we accommodate and give priority to those staff whose functions cannot be done offsite at the office.  The Exco team and line managers have taken great care in considering which employees should work from the office.

Every employee that has been in the lockdown group will receive communication from their line manager over this weekend advising whether they will be working from the office or home when they report for duty as of Monday, 4 May. All essential services employees will continue to work from the office as has been the case during lockdown.  Those employees currently working from home, must also continue to do so, unless advised otherwise.

All Netstar employees will be issued with permits, the process on how to obtain this permit will be communicated over the weekend. Please keep an eye out for this communication. This permit will state that you are able to travel between home and work to perform your duties as required by the company.

Your safety is our number one priority. All essential services employees and staff returning to the office on Monday will be provided with cloth masks. Furthermore, 33% of office-working staff will be distributed across the building and each floor as we continue to observe the rules of social distancing.

For more details on the impact of COVID-19 on the business, as well as Mteto’s staff session held earlier in the week, please visit MyNetstar intranet page CLICK HERE.

Thanks again to everyone for your contribution to keeping Netstar operations in full working order in spite of the pandemic, the uncertainty and the lockdown regulations. We are working wonders, and I am incredibly proud to be part of this organisation.

Stay strong and stay safe,
Pierre Bruwer