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Want to know more about the features included with Netstar’s business fleet management solutions? Read through our glossary of features to discover everything you need to know.

36-month Repair Warranty

Netstar Fleet Tracker, Fleet Manager and ProFleet units on a rental contract carry a 36-month repair warranty. Should your unit experience any issues in the first 36 months, Netstar will repair it free of charge.

Advanced Driver ID Modes

In addition to the availability of Driver ID Tags, Netstar’s ProFleet Manager solution can also utilise other more advanced ways to identify drivers, such as OneWire Viewer software and Vigil+ software to read tag data.

Auto-arm Proximity Tag for Security

The auto-arm proximity tag arms the tracking unit every time a driver leaves the vehicle. This will allow us to know the exact moment the vehicle is stolen, helping to speed up recovery.

CAN Bus Data

Netstar ProFleet Manager units connect seamlessly with your fleet vehicles through the CAN bus interface (OEM dependent), allowing you to view fuel levels, vehicle ODO, RPM and speed.

Car Park Jamming Alert

If remote jamming is detected while locking the vehicle, Netstar will send you an SMS alert.

Comprehensive Reports

Our online Fleet Manager platform allows you to compile a range of comprehensive reports, including Fleet Utilisation & Usage Reports, Trip Reports, and Driver Scoring Reports.

Dashboard Fleet Views

Our online Fleet Manager platform allows you a quick overview of your fleet vehicles through a familiar dashboard view.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Netstar Fleet Manager and ProFleet Manager clients have access to a key account manager, who can be contacted directly to assist and advise on any issues.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring & Rating

Easily set up driving goals & monitor driver progress week after week in terms of driver behaviours like speeding, harsh braking & cornering, excessive idling & other driving behaviours.

Driver Identification

Need to know who’s driving? Our driver ID tags and tag readers in each vehicle can assist with driver identification and to ensure authorised usage of your vehicles. Netstar Fleet Tracker/Manager supports mode 0 (any tag to start any vehicle) and mode 1 (tag allocated to driver), while ProFleet supports mode 2.

Driver Panic Button

In the event of an emergency or hijacking, the panic button can be used to dispatch the Netstar Recovery Team. The panic button must be pressed while inside the vehicle, or in close proximity to it.

Impact Detection & Alerts

If a vehicle is involved in a severe impact, an alert will be sent to Netstar.

Journey Management

Journey Management is a report that breaks down the trips, detailing positions every 5 minutes (or the closest to 5 minutes) during the trip. This enables fleet managers to get a better idea of how the driver was driving without checking every single position in the trip.

Fuel Management & Admin

Netstar’s software platform allows for the capturing of fuel slips in order to track fuel usage on your fleet. In addition, our Fleet Intelligence Services provides a managed bureau service to assist clients with collating this data and producing BI dashboard reporting to the customer.

Monitored Fleet Health Bureau Service

Netstar’s Fleet Intelligence Services can assist you with reporting and dashboards – offering different packages to cater for all requirements. In essence, this means you can get reports without logging in to the system.

MyNetstar Live Tracking & Account Management

With MyNetstar, you can easily track your vehicles’ precise GPS locations on the map, manage your account, view and edit personal & financial details, download statements, and so much more.

Organisational Structures & Permissions

Easily set up different user rights and permissions within your organisation, to better manage fleet access.

Route Management

Netstar ProFleet Manager includes powerful route management functionality, including route planning and route adherence features.

Service Interval Management

Our online Fleet Manager platform helps you easily keep track of maintenance and service schedules for each vehicle.

Signal Jamming Detection Alert (JammingResist™)

If GSM jamming is detected, the unit will send an alert to Netstar on another frequency (RF) and you will be made aware via SMS.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) Services

In the event that one of your vehicles is stolen, Netstar’s recovery team will attempt to recover the vehicle as soon as possible using a slew of advanced tracking technologies.

Supports Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs

With support for Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs built in, our Netstar ProFleet Manager solution provides effortless integration with 3rd party data services or ERP systems.

Vehicle Logbook

Your Netstar tracking unit allows you to mark trips as either business or private, making it quick and easy to compile logbooks for tax purposes.

Web & Mobile Tracking Interface

Our online platform called Netstar Fleet Manager enables advanced fleet tracking and monitoring from your phone or computer. Easily track your vehicles on the map & view vehicle status, driver & speed.

Zone Management & Alerts

Through our online platform, you can easily set up geo zones on the map – enabling you to get notifications whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.