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What should I do if my vehicle is stolen or hijacked?

If your vehicle is stolen or hijacked, you must immediately call Netstar’s Emergency Call Centre on 0800 11 22 22. The emergency controller will capture the relevant details and begin the recovery process. You will also have to confirm the vehicle description as any unique identifiers may assist with recovery. The relevant controller assigned to your incident will update you on the progress.

What happens if my vehicle is stolen, and the unit is not working?

Once the case has been reported to Netstar, the recovery process begins by Netstar alerting the response teams of the case. You will be contacted once full response has been dispatched to obtain more details of the incident such as model of the vehicle and any distinguishing features. Once all has been completed, you will be informed to report the case to the SAPS.

What happens if Netstar cannot recover my vehicle?

Netstar will keep on looking for the vehicle. The case will never be closed until the vehicle is recovered.

Does Netstar charge a stolen vehicle recovery fee?

No. Netstar offers free recovery to all its customers, provided your account is up to date. If a vehicle is recovered outside of South Africa, a vehicle repatriation fee may be payable.

Does Netstar have support of the South African Police Services (SAPS)?

Yes. When a vehicle is being recovered, Netstar communicates with the SAPS as they are often in a position to assist. Netstar does not rely exclusively on the SAPS as the company also has close relationships with highly trained professional recovery teams.