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Introducing Netstar Companion, our new personal
on-demand Armed & Medical Response service.
Simply tap your Netstar Companion app OR shake
your phone to activate the panic button & emergency
video recording – wherever you are.

Introducing Netstar Companion, our on-demand emergency response service that dispatches the nearest Armed Response Officer or Emergency Medical Services to your location – whenever you tap the app on your smartphone.

Don’t panic,
just tap your app!


Feel safe & supported
With Netstar Companion, you have access to over 1500 armed responders nationwide.
No matter the emergency,
we’ve got you!

Whether you need armed response or medical assistance, just tap your app!
Quick & efficient response
The app automatically dispatches the closest responder to your phone’s GPS location.
One family, one membership
Add family members to your account at a reduced fee.

Get Netstar
Companion today

R 69
R 49
for each additional member thereafter


R 198

for a family of 4


R 198

for a family of 4


How does it work?

Please note: Netstar Companion is currently not
supported by some Huawei phones. To confirm if
your phone is supported, please call 010 822 9288.

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here to view.


Mobile Response

Netstar Companion is not limited to a specific place. You can use it from home, at the office – anywhere, any time.

Autonomous Dispatch

The system is not reliant on humans to identify and dispatch the closest response vehicle. Smart technology identifies the closest vehicle to your location and autonomously dispatches it.

Pinpoint Geo-located Incidents

The closest response vehicle is navigated to your exact GPS location, resulting in greater response accuracy.

Nationwide Response Network

We have partnered with the best response companies, to give you access to over 1500 armed responders, nationwide.

Rapid Response

The Netstar Companion Control Room will quickly call you on activation of your panic button.

Shake-to-Activate Mechanism

The emergency panic feature can also be activated by simply shaking your phone.

Emergency Messages

The app can send SMS messages with a link to your real-time location to 5 specified emergency contacts.

Emergency Recording

A 20-second audio/video recording is triggered on activation of a panic. The app automatically sends the file to the Netstar Companion server for safekeeping. This can be used as evidence in future legal action.


What is Netstar Companion?

Netstar Companion is a personal armed security and medical response service brought to you by Netstar in association with Aura. If you feel unsafe and you tap the Netstar Companion button on your app, we will send armed or medical response services to you.

Where does Netstar Companion work?
Netstar Companion works nationwide in South Africa. We have one of the largest networks of security partners in the country. If you are in a situation where you feel unsafe, let us know via the app. The closest service provider to your current location will come to your aid.
Can I use Netstar Companion when I'm at home?

You can use Netstar Companion anywhere, any time, whether you are in your car, at home. going for a walk, jogging, riding a bicycle, or even when you are in a shopping centre.

Do I have to be a Netstar Customer to subscribe to Netstar Companion?

No. Netstar Companion is available to anyone.

Do I have to own a vehicle to subscribe to Netstar Companion?
No. Anyone can subscribe to this service – whether you travel by car, or commute.
What happens if I need help?

If you need help:

  • Press the TAP FOR HELP’ button in the app.
  • We will call you to find out more and support you where needed.
  • We will dispatch the nearest security services to your location.
  • You can track the armed responders via the app to see how far they are from your location and in how many minutes they will arrive to assist you.
  • If you do not answer the call, we will still dispatch security services to your location.
What if I feel unsafe?

It is always better to act proactively. If you feel unsafe:

  • Press the red TAP FOR HELP’ button in the app.
  • We will call you and find out more about your situation.
  • We will guide you to a place of safety or provide an escort.
Can I call you in the case of domestic violence?

Yes, you can.

  • Press the TAP FOR HELP’ button in the app.
  • We will call you and find out more about your situation.
  • We will guide you to a place of safety or provide an escort.
  • If you are unable to use the app, please phone 010 822 9288.
Do I need to have a smartphone to use Netstar Companion?
Yes, you do. Netstar Companion uses location-based services to find you. If you do not have data or your signal is lost, please phone 010 822 9288 if you need help.
How do I pay for Netstar Companion?
You can pay for Netstar Companion via a monthly debit order, credit or debit card or if you are an existing Netstar customer, the payment can be added to your existing Netstar subscription.
I'm already a Netstar customer. Does this service form part of my monthly tracking fee?
No. Netstar Companion is an additional service. You need to subscribe to this service separately.
Will I get an escort on request?
No, the service is responsive and cannot provide an escort. Our services can be activated once the situation is deemed threatening or criminal with immediate effect.
Is there a limit on how often one can use the service?
No, there is no limit to usage as long as all events are confirmed incidents and not false alarms.
What happens when I need assistance on a hiking or mountain bike trail?
The control room and local service providers will engage with local authorities and resources to assist as access will be difficult without specialised vehicles.
How do I cancel the Netstar Companion service?

To cancel your subscription, simply call the Netstar Companion Support Centre on 010 822 9288 or email for assistance.

Have more questions? Feel free to email or contact 010 822 9288.