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Vehicle tracking and recovery

Peace of mind
for you and your family

For personal

Taking care of you and your family’s safety and security is important to you and we take it just as seriously. We have four affordable solutions for you to choose from that will ensure you have a safer family, better vehicle protection, reduced insurance risk and added convenience.

For business

We know that running a business has so many moving parts, including your fleet on the roads. Our solutions will not only help you to manage your fleet, but will help you to keep an eye on and save costs. We will even help you to monitor and improve driver behaviour.

Why Netstar?

Advanced technology-icon-2

Advanced technology

Uses a combination of radio frequency and GPS/GSM tracking technology to detect signal jamming.

Tracking units

Tracking units

Recovery rate of over 90% using private air and ground recovery teams.



Quick, professional installation at your home, office or one of 100+ fitment centres.



24/7 emergency call centre.

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About us

We're a trusted brand and pioneered the South African vehicle-tracking and stolen-vehicle-recovery industry in 1994.

We provide industry-leading stolen-vehicle recovery services, advanced vehicle and fleet tracking, great fleet management solutions for all-sized business and commercial fleets, commanding insurance telematics solutions and best-in-class bureau services.  In fact, no IoT solution is out of our reach.

Vehicle tracking
and recovery


Asset tracking
and recovery




Value added


Fleet tracking
and management



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AI camera


Big Data-as-a-Service


Mining fleet

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