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Want to know more about the features included with Netstar’s tracking products? Read on through our glossary of features to discover everything you need to know.

Auto-arm Proximity Tag for Security

The Early Warning tracking device is always armed when the vehicle is parked and switched off. When your vehicle is driven and the Auto-Arm proximity Tag is not present, Netstar will receive an alert notification.

Battery Disconnect Alert

If your battery is disconnected, Netstar will send you an SMS alert.

Car Park Jamming Alert

If vehicle remote jamming is detected while locking your car, Netstar will send you an SMS alert.

Dot-on-the-map Tracking

The Basic-IoT device has different reporting intervals to optimise battery life. It reports every 90 minutes while the vehicle is stationary, and every 20 minutes while the vehicle is in motion, for more current real-time tracking.

Early Warning Theft Alert

If your vehicle is driven while the unit is armed, both you and Netstar will be alerted.

Fitment Certificate for Insurance

Once the fitment of your Netstar unit is completed, a fitment certificate will be issued, which can be used for insurance purposes.

Impact Detection for Safety

If you have a severe impact, an alert will be sent to Netstar.

Logbook for SARS

Your Netstar tracking unit allows you to mark trips as either business or private, making it quick and easy to compile a logbook for tax purposes.

MyNetstar Account Management

With MyNetstar, you can easily manage your account, view and edit personal and financial details, download statements, and so much more.

MyNetstar Auto-arm

If you are a Netstar Early Warning customer, you are able to check that your vehicle is armed, as well as ‘arm’ or ‘disarm’ your Early Warning device remotely using MyNetstar.

MyNetstar Licence Renewal Alerts

Keep track of when your vehicle licence or driver’s licence is up for renewal by creating renewal alerts within MyNetstar.

MyNetstar Live Tracking

With MyNetstar, you can easily track your vehicle’s precise GPS location on the map. *Available on Netstar Plus and Early Warning.

MyNetstar Test Certificate

A test certificate confirms the working order of your tracking unit and is always available from within MyNetstar.

MyNetstar Trip Replays & Geo Zones

With the power of MyNetstar, you can easily view past trips and set up zones on the map – enabling you to get notifications whenever your vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.

Panic Button

In the event of an emergency or hijacking, the panic button can be used to send an alert to Netstar. The panic button must be pressed while inside the vehicle, or in close proximity to it.

Personal Driver Behaviour Rating

Easily set up driving goals and monitor your progress week after week in terms of speeding, harsh braking and other driving behaviours.

Signal Jamming Detection Alert (JammingResist™)

If signal jamming is detected, the Netstar device will send an alert to us using our private radio frequency and you will be made aware via SMS.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) Services

In the event that your vehicle is stolen, Netstar’s recovery team will attempt to recover your vehicle as soon as possible using a slew of advanced tracking technologies.

Tow-away Alert

If you opted for the Early Warning product and your vehicle is towed away with the ignition switched off and no Auto Arm Tag in the vicinity, Netstar will alert you.

Wireless Unit with 3-year Battery Life

Netstar Nano and Basic-IoT consist of a wireless unit with built-in battery – making it ideal for use in trailers and other non-powered applications.