#WalkSafely at the MTN 702 Walk

The MTN 702 Walk is one of Joburg’s biggest and most-loved walking events. Now in its 18th successive year, the event is taking place on Sunday 22 July 2018 at Marks Park Sports Club, Emmarentia. Race organisers are expecting 50 000 participants, including families, children, grandparents and even a few beloved family dogs.

As one of the proud sponsors of MTN Walk the Talk, Netstar wants all participants to have a fun and above all, safe, walk. Here are ten safety tips for the big day.

  1. Go with friends

There’s safety in numbers! Not only is this true, but it’s also a lot more fun. Get your colleagues, friends or family members to join you – and walk for a cause or just to enjoy the experience of exploring Joburg on foot.

  1. Plan ahead

You don’t want to arrive at the event and realise that your laptop is still in your car. Only pack the essentials that you will be carrying with you - such as a hat and a warm top. If you forget, put all items in the boot, so that they are out of sight.

  1. Plot the route

There will be road closures, so consider alternative routes to get to your destination. By being organised and giving yourself plenty of time to arrive, you’ll feel less stressed and will be able to enjoy the energy and excitement of the event.

  1. Leave early

While many people are using the Park and Ride services, there will be more traffic than usual in Emmarentia. Leave early so that you aren’t stuck in heavy traffic or have to park your car far from the start and in an unsafe area.

  1. Drive carefully

With more cars and pedestrians on the road, it’s easy to get distracted. Only use a hands-free kit if you are taking calls on your cell phone. Lock doors and close windows, don’t give strangers a lift and be aware of your environment, especially people approaching your car in traffic.

  1. Park safely

Familiarise yourself with the official free parking options. If you don’t want to drive you can take an Uber, metered taxi or mini bus taxi, all of which have official parking zones. There are also Park and Ride facilities with pick-up and drop-off points, which are subject to availability.

  1. Car guards

If you are parking on the street, choose a spot that is in public view. Be aware of unauthorised car guards directing you to park in certain areas. A wheel or gear lock is a good deterrent and after locking your vehicle, manually check doors, as signal jamming is prevalent in South Africa.

  1. Be aware

Potential thieves enjoy being in crowds, as it’s easier to hide and people are more distracted, making them easier targets. Avoid carrying valuable items with you and leave expensive jewellery at home. If you have a cell phone, camera or wallet, hold it or keep it in a zipped pocket or bag, rather than slipping it into your back pocket.

  1. Have a back-up plan

With 50 000 participants, there is a chance that someone in your group could get lost. Have a prearranged meeting place that is near the finish line, just in case you get separated.

  1. Leaving the venue

When you are approaching your vehicle to leave, have your keys ready in your hand, so you can quickly get in and drive off. Be aware of your surroundings, especially people loitering at your vehicle. If you feel at all unsafe, find a security official and get escorted to your vehicle.

Whether you’re driving in the day or at night, in a busy or quiet area, Netstar is your partner on the road, committed to keeping you safe and sound. Call us on 0860 12 24 36 or visit www.netstar.co.za to see how we can help protect you, your family and your possessions.

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