Vehicle crime trends

Vehicle crimes can happen at any time, and criminals are becoming more efficient at committing them. At Netstar, we spend all our time finding ways to keep you, your vehicle, and your loved ones safe and sound. Here are four vehicle crime trends you should know about, and tips on how to keep safe and sound.


Off-bridge rock-throwing

More and more South African motorists are being exposed to the criminal phenomenon of off-bridge rock throwing. These attacks have led to vehicle theft, hijackings, damage to vehicles and, in worst cases, have caused severe injuries or death. Most incidents occur under pedestrian bridges erected over highways or along the side of the freeway.


Here are four things you can do to avoid being a victim:

  • Be alert to movement on a bridge before driving under it.
  • If possible, drive during daylight, for better visibility of movement on the bridge.
  • Look for alternative routes to avoid driving on roads known for rock-throwing.
  • If traffic is congested, avoid changing lanes before driving under a bridge.


Remote car locking jamming

Remote locking jamming has existed for years, but incidents have escalated sharply over the last two years. Attacks occur by jamming the signal of your remote control to prevent it from locking your vehicle. Remote car jamming criminals can target anything from the valuables within your car to the vehicle itself.


Here are four things you can do to avoid being a victim:

  • Make sure that your car is locked before walking away by checking your door handles and boot. When pressing your remote, listen for the beep or sound of the locks activating.
  • Keep all your valuables out of sight. Put them in your boot, cubby hole or under your seat.
  • Sign up for Netstar’s car park jamming alert service that warns you of any possible signal jamming in the area.
  • Make sure that you park in crowded, well-lit areas with security surveillance.


In-transit Cargo Theft

Although this is not a hijacking or vehicle theft, it is related to vehicle-crime. In-transit cargo attacks occur when thieves climb onto heavy-duty trucks driving up or down a hill or stopping at a traffic light. Cargo theft can lead to violent attacks and the loss of goods worth billions of rands.


Here are four things delivery and cargo vehicle drivers can do to avoid being victims:

  • Eliminate unnecessary stops to lower the risk of theft.
  • Know which routes are prone to cargo thefts.
  • Deploy the right cargo tracking technology, like Netstar’s wireless asset tracking management solutions that monitor the location of your goods.
  • Provide your drivers with security training to educate them about cargo-theft, and hijacking-awareness and prevention.


Cloned Number Plates

Cloning a number plate is a form of identity theft. A cloned number plate can go undetected for months and years, until you start to incur unwarranted traffic fines, e-toll bills, or worse yet, have a warrant of arrest issued for a robbery or violent crime you didn’t commit.


Here are three things you should do if your number plate has been cloned:

  1. Report the matter to the police immediately to open a case with SAPS.
  2. Submit a completed SLN2 form, supporting documents, and a copy of your RSA ID to the Transport Administration and Licensing Directorate within the Department of Transport and Public Works.
  3. A prorate licence fee must be paid to the registering authority as well as the cost of a new number plate, for the applicant’s account.


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