StarDrive is Netstar’s new web and mobile-based product aimed at consumers who care about their loved ones' safety and who want to improve their driving style and have fun in the process.

The four major components of StarDrive are:

  • Star Rate: Provides visibility and scoring on the subscriber's driving behaviour, allowing comparison of driving behaviour.
  • Star Safe: Manage the subscriber's family fleet by setting and viewing alerts, Geo-zones, performing trip replays and viewing the status and location of vehicles.
  • Star Social: Invite StarDrive friends online and socialise, and manage one's diary and create or join lift clubs. 
  • Star Sight: Gain insight on daily trips by viewing historical trip replays and exporting trip reports to Microsoft Excel.

StarDrive™ features 

StarDrive currently has three packages on offer:

  • Bronze: This is a free service offered if a subscriber has a unit fitted. The bronze package will give the subscriber access to basic StarDrive functionality.
  • Silver: This is a mid-tier offering which will offer a subscriber additional services, notifications via email and SMS as well as advanced trip replay functions.
  • Gold: The gold package offers all the services of the Silver package, but also gives access to StarDrive's value added services.

StarDrive ™ benefits

  • Manage one's driving style via an easy to use website or mobile application and become a better and safer driver.
  • Track one's loved ones in real-time
  • Set and view alerts for one's family fleet to always be in in touch and up to date
  • View live traffic updates
  • Impact notification
  • Share one's driving skills and compare with friends and family
  • View latest positions
  • Trip summaries
  • Trip details and much more


** Promotional Rental Option
36 Month Rental Agreement (No upfront payment)
*Monthly Subscription Rate R169.00


* Includes access to the StarDrive Bronze package
* User has the option to upgrade to StarDrive Silver or Gold for added benefits (upgrade fees apply)
** Annual escalation applies

For further information on StarDrive or to sign up electronically visit, alternatively call 0860 12 24 36