Innovative vehicles and tech to make you go “wow”

We’ve all heard about the alternative fuel studies, some of us even drive electric or hybrid cars. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a whole new world out there filled with weird and wonderful innovative vehicles and tech. Some of these innovations have already seen the light of day while others are still in concept phase. However, we promise you, your mind will be blown – ours were. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn if you agree.


So, here goes:

  1. Driving by Phone

You’ve seen it done in almost every James Bond film, but it won’t be reserved for the super spy for too long. Self-driving cars are becoming a hotter topic by the day, which is it’s no surprise that Ford is taking their inter-vehicle communication to a whole new “vehicle-to-everything”-level.


  1. Grass Cars

Green is a good car colour, but this is taking going green to a whole new level. It’s a fad that’s been around for a while where people cover their cars in Astroturf, sod or actual growing grass. While on the grass topic, studies are being conducted to see if it could be used as a fuel alternative.


  1. Netstar Safe and Sound Early Warning

A small tracking device that’s installed in a vehicle that enables us to protect and locate it. This vehicle tracking subscription provides impact detection, a wireless panic button, Jamming Resist®, siren, Safe and Sound app, trip and driver behaviour reports. Netstar Safe and Sound Early Warning has been designed to keep drivers, their passengers and their vehicles as safe as possible. For more information, visit or call 0860 12 24 36.


  1. The Flying Car

Say goodbye to traffic, when you order a flying car from PAL-V, a Dutch firm. They revealed their first prototype early in 2018 and said they’re taking orders. They are planning to deliver their first consumer flying car in 2019, as soon as they receive final safety certification for these beauties.


  1. Mind-reading

Nissan is working on B2V (brain-to-vehicle) technology that will enable you to communicate with your vehicle. You’d wear a headband that will detect and interpret your brainwaves and prepare your car for the actions you’ll be taking. The idea behind this is you’ll be able to act faster, and your vehicle will switch between driving modes based on your level of comfort.


  1. The Electric Egg

Decades before people started playing around with electric car concepts, Paul Arzens, a French industrial designer, built Oeuf électrique. In 1942, he created the cute bubble car that had three wheels, ran on batteries and was made from curved Plexiglass and hand-formed aluminium.


  1. Clairvoyance

Already several cars warn you about obstacles being too close for comfort. But what if this was taken further? Ford and Qualcomm are working on tech that will enable your vehicle to communicate with other cars and road infrastructure such as traffic lights. By receiving this information, you’ll be notified of problems even when you can’t see them.


  1. The Amphibian

Although not a new concept, it’s still incredible to be able to drive equally well on land and water without changing vehicles. US President Johnson had a lot of fun with his light blue Amphicar. He would drive around with guests, and when they got to a hill with a lake at the bottom, he’d steer the car towards the lake and yell; “The brakes aren’t working. We’re going in.” He’d then laugh himself silly as his guests screamed in panic while they stabilise upon entering the water.