How to save while on your staycation

You need a break, time to recharge your batteries and find your feet again. The best place to do this is to stay at home. Just enjoy your home and see your city. You’ll be amazed at what you find. Unfortunately, it happens so often that a staycation can end up costing you more than going on an actual vacation.

So, what can you do to stay in the green while staying at home?



First things first; plan your staycation budget. By knowing what you can spend, you’ll be less likely to spend too much. You also have to remember, as important as it is to plan a budget, as important is it to stick to it. Speak to a financial expert to help with your budget plans.



Whether you’re a master chef or not, spend time in your kitchen by trying out new recipes. By cooking meals instead of going out, you’ll save money and petrol. Best of all, you’ll let your creative juices flow and discover new tastes and spend time with your loved ones. However, when you do choose to eat out, remember to book through Netstar GO to save.


Get lost

Leave your GPS at home or don’t turn it on and drive around seeing new sights. You’ll be surprised at all the hidden gems around. Best yet, you’ll discover beautiful parts of your city just as fascinating as going on holiday somewhere new. When you find an adventure or experience you’d like to try, contact Netstar GO for discounted tickets.


Garden/spring clean

You have the time now, so do those things you’ve always wanted. Get your veggie garden back on track or sort out your pantry or garage; even better, go through every room and throw out what you no longer want or use. It’s hard work, but once you’re done, your home will feel almost new. If there is anything you need help with or anything you’re looking for, speak to your Netstar GO assistant.



Pack a delicious basket of nibbles, gather the whole family and the dogs, and visit a garden or park. Now you can spend a lovely day outdoors, appreciating nature and fresh air. Want to find a good picnic spot? Speak to us.



Travel the world while staying at home – books are amazing so your staycation to catch up on your reading. If you need a book, visit your local library (they still exist). We suggest reading “fun” things and not something work-related; it is your holiday, after all. However, if you are not a “book person”, enjoy the big screen at affordable prices.



Use your membership benefits. We, at Netstar, are always looking for ways on how to improve your lifestyle; which is why our Safe and Sound tracking subscriptions offer lifestyle solutions, and we also have Netstar GO. This is our members benefit programme, and it offers a variety of ways in which you can get more out of life. Call 0861 22 55 72 or visit to join or find out more about this programme.