Hints and Tips



It is essential to test the Netstar unit in your vehicle twice a year. Not only will this ensure peace of mind that the system is operating optimally, but will also familiarise you with our contact number and procedures should you need to contact us in an emergency.

This also gives us the opportunity to ensure that all your contact details are current and correct. This information must be accurate, as it is vital we can make contact with you (and your designated contacts) in an emergency.
Call the Product Wellness Hotline number at 011 207 5114, identify yourself, and request a test. The Operator will verify your identity, and explain how the test will be conducted.



Netstar has joined forces with the global leader in traffic information INRIX to form Netstar Traffic (NT). NT brings you intelligent, real-time traffic flow information and journey times in a variety of applications.

Keep up to speed by knowing where the congestion is and incidences  such as ‘road works’, ‘vehicle accidents’ and ‘traffic light failure or malfunction’.

If your device can connect to the internet, you would be able to receive our feed on any device. The following functions are available to the subscriber:

  • view the traffic congestion on the traffic heat map;
  • identify major incidents that could be affecting the traffic;
  • plan and plot regular routes traveled, and
  • receive SMS traffic notifications prior to departure on those routes starting from R22.00 (vat incl) per month.

The coverage on the mobile devices and web site is available countrywide in major metropolitan areas.The RDS-TMC coverage for PND'S is available in the broader Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

A first for South Africa, Netstar Traffic now also delivers live 3D traffic to television broadcasting. By means of proprietary software, Netstar Traffic delivers high quality HD resolution traffic and weather information for television broadcasting. From interactive touch screen presentation to queued presentations; our live traffic stream can deliver traffic nationally or regionally.



What should you do in case of an accident?

1.  Don’t drive away. You are legally obliged to stop, check on the other person and exchange contact details.

2.  Report the incident. Even if the other driver says there is no need, you have to report the incident. If claims occur later, you must be covered.

3.  Don’t play the blame game. Don’t blame the other party or admit it was your fault. Just keep calm, but protect yourself at the same time.



Car jamming is no urban legend. Outwit jammers by:

  • Standing close to your car when you use the remote locking key
  • Listening for the beep of your alarm or lock



1  Stay focused on defensive driving
    Keep 100% of your attention on driving at all times. Use defensive driving techniques
    and be aware of what others around you are doing and expect the unexpected.
    Don’t use a cell phone or any other electronic device while driving.
2  Prioritise car safety
    Secure cargo that may move around while the vehicle is in motion. Don’t attempt to retrieve items that fall to the floor.
    Have items needed within easy reach, such as toll fees, toll cards and garage passes.
3  Make the time for driving safety
    Pull over to eat or drink. It takes only a few minutes. Keep a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you − 4 seconds if the weather is bad.
4  Slow down
    Don’t speed − it gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident.
5  Think safety
    Always wear your seat belt and drive sober and drug-free.