6.5 Eco apps you want to have

One of the greatest gifts we can leave our children and the generations to follow ours is to leave the planet in a better condition. And with the right tool in hand, such as your phone, you can make a difference. Now, you might think that owning a smartphone is not the best way to go about saving the world, but you already own one (you’re probably reading this article on it), but with these android and iOS apps by your side, your smartphone can help you become an eco-warrior of note.

So, which apps do you need?


Stop paging through hundreds and thousands of articles to only find three you are interested in regarding climate change. Through #Climate you can set the type of information you’re looking for and how often you want to receive updates. You’ll receive tailor-made information in a magazine-style app with an easy share function.

Visit www.hashtagclimate.org/#climate for more.


Grow your concentration and trees. This is a fun app that helps you focus. You start by setting uninterrupted time-limits for work, study or play with the kids, in order to plant a seed that will grow until the end of your time. If, however, you leave the app during that time, your tree will die. The more you use the app, the more trees you’ll plant to create a forest. Now, you might ask why this app is on our list, and it’s for this amazing reason – by spending the virtual coins you earn in Forest, you’ll be sending money to their tree-planting partners, who are planting trees in real life. So far, 264 499 trees have been planted thanks to Forest.

Visit www.forestapp.cc for more.


Ever wondered what your carbon footprint looks like? Now you can see. Oroeco helps you track your daily activities – from waking up and eating breakfast to brushing your teeth and reading before bed – to score your footprint. Best of all it provides tips and hints to help you reduce your footprint, and you can even challenge friends to see who the bigger eco-warrior is. It’s like playing a game for the environment’s benefit.

Visit www.oroeco.com for more.


This one is not an app, but it’s such a great idea, we just had to tell you. Are you tired of wasting food or not knowing what to do with what you have in the fridge? No more! Visit Supercook, select the ingredients you have and watch as delicious recipes are created. These are (mostly) easy to make and will reduce your food wastage by quite a bit.

Visit http://www.supercook.com to start cooking.


Want to create your very own veggie garden? GrowVeg is just what you need. You can design your garden to see what the best layout will be and where you want pots, raised beds or a traditional into-the-ground vegetable garden. The app will also provide you with needed information about the plants and pets as well as a journal to guide you from seed to harvest.

Visit www.growveg.co.za for more information.

Seafood Watch

Love seafood, but not sure what’s red and what’s green (environmentally speaking)? Use Seafood Watch for up-to-date seafood recommendations, find the different names for seafood and sushi, and learn more about what it is that you’re eating. This is an insightful app that will help you navigate the waters – so to speak.

Visit www.seafoodwatch.org/seafood-recommendations/our-app for more information. 

Safe and Sound

As a Safe and Sound tracking device member, you have access to the Safe and Sound app. Depending on the type of subscription you have, you’ll enjoy more benefits, such as travel logbook and vehicle status, but you can also monitor your driving habit. By driving ‘smart’, you’ll save fuel (and stay safe) and add less CO2 into the air, which all adds to you reducing your carbon footprint.

Speak to Netstar about your Safe and Sound app advantages by phoning 0860 12 24 36 or visiting www.netstar.co.za.