Complete Peace of Mind

We know that you want to protect the people and the things that you love - you want to keep them safe and sound.

This is why Netstar offers a range of affordable, flexible and innovative products. Choose one of our four game-changing Safe and Sound products and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Terms and conditions apply.


Our latest generation tracking device offers subscribers:

  • wireless technology,
  • reduced fitment time,
  • an internal battery with a 3-year life span,
  • private radio frequency operation.


Our standard Safe and Sound tracking service offers subscribers:

  • 24/7 emergency control room back up,
  • GPS pinpoint positioning,
  • GSM signal JammingResisttm,
  • a lifetime product warranty,
  • a self-testing function to ensure it’s working,
  • the option to add a wireless panic button.


Our Safe and Sound Plus tracking service offers subscribers:

  • all the Safe and Sound features,
  • alarm and alert notifications,
  • a SARS compliant logbook,
  • driver behaviour alerts,
  • a customer portal and smartphone app to keep you connected.


Our Safe and Sound Early Warning tracking service offers subscribers:.

  • all the Safe and Sound Plus features,
  • a wireless panic button,
  • early warning alarm functionality,
  • Geo-Fence alerts,
  • a wireless private or business push button for your tax logbook, and
  • a R160 000 recovery service warranty.
  • (warranty optional)