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#WalkSafely at the MTN 702 Walk

The MTN 702 Walk is one of Joburg’s biggest and most-loved walking events. Now in its 18th successive year, the event is taking place on Sunday 22 July 2018 at Marks Park Sports Club, Emmarentia. Race organisers are expecting 50 000 participants, including families, children, grandparents and even a few beloved family dogs.

As one of the proud sponsors of MTN Walk the Talk, Netstar wants all participants to have a fun and above all, safe, walk. Here are ten safety tips for the big day.

Hacks and tips for winter driving

Winter’s here in full force and it’s not only the dark, cold mornings that make commuting harder than in the glorious summer months. There are quite a few dangers associated with driving in the winter, like slippery roads, reduced visibility, and vehicle maintenance issues (colder temperatures exacerbate existing problems with your vehicle).

Try these hacks to beat the winter chills.


Road hazards and how to avoid them

It’s no secret that many South African roads are worse for wear. It may be hazards that we’re used to, but bad roads are still incredibly dangerous. Now, the safest thing you can do while driving it to avoid speeding. This will give you time to see the danger and avoid it as best as possible. Let’s take a closer look at what to do in a dangerous situation.


4 Alternative fuel options

More and more research is being done to find alternative fuel sources for vehicles. Some vehicle manufacturing companies are already building their vehicles to use these alternative power options such as hybrid and electric vehicles. We wanted to know more about some of the alternatives being looked at, and here are four that stood out for us.


The best dadvice

Dads are special for different reasons – mostly because they are complete contradictions. They are strong and strict, but also softies. They are so unfunny you can’t help but laugh. Dads will let you struggle to find an answer, but they are always there to catch you and help you up. Simply put, dads are amazingly special people, and they give the best advice.

We asked around and here follows some of the best dadvice we came across.

“An oil change is cheap insurance.”

Fuel consumption need-to-knows

Today, most vehicles are fitted with calculators that can estimate what your fuel consumption is, how far you can still travel with the fuel in your car and more. We all know less is more when it comes to fuel consumption (less fuel per kilometre), but how do you calculate it to see when you’re in the less or the more? We’re answering some of your questions.

What is it?

Fuel consumption is defined as “the rate at which an engine uses fuel, [and is] expressed in units such as miles per gallon or litres per kilometre.”

6.5 Eco apps you want to have

One of the greatest gifts we can leave our children and the generations to follow ours is to leave the planet in a better condition. And with the right tool in hand, such as your phone, you can make a difference. Now, you might think that owning a smartphone is not the best way to go about saving the world, but you already own one (you’re probably reading this article on it), but with these android and iOS apps by your side, your smartphone can help you become an eco-warrior of note.

So, which apps do you need?


How to save while on your staycation

You need a break, time to recharge your batteries and find your feet again. The best place to do this is to stay at home. Just enjoy your home and see your city. You’ll be amazed at what you find. Unfortunately, it happens so often that a staycation can end up costing you more than going on an actual vacation.

So, what can you do to stay in the green while staying at home?



VAT, my car!

As we all know, on the 1st of April 2018 the VAT increased to 15%, and on the 4th of April 2018 the new fuel levy kicked in. But what does this tax increase really mean, especially with regard to your car? And you know you must pay more attention to your habits, but which and how?


As Netstar is your trusted partner, we want to explain a few things to help put your heart at ease and your mind in drive (on how to compensate for this tax increase).


1. Insurance

Innovative vehicles and tech to make you go “wow”

We’ve all heard about the alternative fuel studies, some of us even drive electric or hybrid cars. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a whole new world out there filled with weird and wonderful innovative vehicles and tech. Some of these innovations have already seen the light of day while others are still in concept phase. However, we promise you, your mind will be blown – ours were.